The KMU delegation led by H.E Ato Yishak Girmay Head of Addis Ababa City Administration Civil Service and Human Resource Development Bureau and Chairperson of KMU Board visited the renowned Universities in South Korea from 23-30 April 2018. The aim of the experience sharing, following the visit of Kotebe Metropolitan University’s leadership prior visit and signing of Memorandum of Understanding,

was to learn from rich international experiences of well established City and National universities such as Keimyung University (KMU),

 University of Seoul (UOS) and Kangwon National University (KNU). The previously signed MoU between the source and target Universitieshas already paved the ways to implement activities and strengthen collaborations.

The delegation team planned to realize matters previously agreed upon issues of partnership in Staff and Students Exchange, Collaborations on Research Programs, Commencement of Urban Centered Graduate Programs, Recruiting Professors and Scholarship Programs. It is evidenced that the team has come to agreements on recruitment of Professors and Emeritus Professors, joint research collaborations, staff and students exchange, and scholarship programs for selected departments.