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  Kotebe Metropolitan University
Faculty : Business and Economics 
  Department: Management 
S.N Full Name    Educational Background Status Acceted to
Sex UEER Diploma in Degree in
1 Abebe Ashagrie Assegie M     BED, pedagigical science Accepted  weekend
2 Addisu Fente Haile M     Educational Planning  Accepted  weekend
3 Alene Derso Belay M     Mathematics Accepted  weekend
4 Asrat Mezgebu Demlew M     Sport Science Accepted  weekend
5 Bahiru Keleta Wabalo M     Chemistry Accepted  Weeked
6 Bekele Abera Muleta M     Acc & Public Finance Accepted  weekend
7 Belay Kebede Botu M     Biology Accepted  weekend
8 Berhane kidanu Zemariam M     Mathematics Accepted  weekend
9 Berihun Alebel Dase M     Industrial Chemistry Accepted  Weeked
10 Fantahun Simaw Alem M     Biology  Accepted  weekend
11 Fikru Tamene Kebede M     History Accepted  weekend
12 Fikru Tamene Kebede M     History Accepted  weekend
13 Getasew Abate Alemu M     Chemistry Accepted  weekend
14 Gizachew Fikadu Mekuria M     Accounting Accepted  weekend
15 Haymanot Mamo Desta F     Chemstry Accepted  weekend
16 Kibrom Goshu Abrha M     Business Administration  Accepted  weekend
17 Mahilet Mekete kebede F     English  Accepted  weekend
18 Meaza Messele Wondafrash F     Geography  Accepted  weekend
19 Melkamu Kindie Kassie M     Sociology Accepted  weekend
20 meron Solomon Gebremichel F     Biology Accepted  weekend
21 Mihretie Demelash Filatie M     Chemistry Accepted  weekend
22 Nitsuh Getnet Yasab F     Acc & Finance Accepted  weekend
23 Samuel Abera Kassa M     Geography Accepted  weekend
24 Samuel Sege Demisse M     Biology  Accepted  weekend
25 Samuel Tsegaye Lema M     Physics  Accepted  weekend
26 Serkalem Zerfu Tesema F     Hotel Management Accepted  weekend
27 Seyfu Mamo Biru M     Sport Science  Accepted  weekend
28 Tadesse Dejene Teroye M     Civic and Ethical Studies Accepted  Weeked
29 Tewodros Ashenafi Desalegn M     Civic and Ethical Studies Accepted  Weeked
30 Tezazu Ashenafi Wana M     Biology Accepted  weekend
31 Tigist Ezezew Getaneh F     Geography & Env. Science Accepted  weekend
32 Tigist Tesfaye Mekonen F     Civic and Ethical Studies Accepted  Weeked
33 Yemisrach Tadesse Wolede F     Geography and Environmental  Accepted  Weeked
34 Yimegnushal Tamrat Woldeslasse F     English  Accepted  weekend
35 Eyuel Girma Asrat M   Level IV in Tourism Marketing   Accepted  weekend
36 Habtamnsh Ejigu Legese F   L-IV   Accepted  weekend
37 Mesfin Tadesse Belayneh M   Level IV Human Resource Supervision   Accepted  weekend
38 Mulunesh Belay Dessalegn F   L-IV   Accepted  Weeked
39 Sefrash Nega Agede F   Level IV in animal production    Accepted  Weeked
40 Simegn Engdiaw Tesfaye M   Level IV in animal production    Accepted  Weeked
41 Addisu alebachew Endalew M 400     Accepted  Weekend
42 Alehegn Lamesgin Tefera M 415     Accepted  Weekend
43 Biniyam wondesen Negash M 424     Accepted  Weekend
44 Damene Armdew Woldeab M 461     Accepted  Weekend
45 Dereje Tilahun Assefa M 578     Accepted  Weekend
46 Elias Phawulos Mankira M 400     Accepted  Weekend
47 Getachew Yeshiwas Abeje M 405     Accepted  Weekend
48 Habtamu Birhanu Tefera M 405     Accepted  Weekend
49 Hirut Girma Alemayehu F 411     Accepted  Weekend
50 Mekonnen Mulugeta belete M 428     Accepted  Weekend
51 Michalel Tafesse Assefa M 446     Accepted  Weekend
52 Rediet Hailu Woldeselassie F 425     Accepted  Weekend
53 Rudy G/selassie Yemane M 412     Accepted  Weekend
54 Selamawit Belete Zewdu F 516     Accepted  Weekend
55 Sintayehu Wondimagegn Yehalie M 409     Accepted  Weekend
56 Tewodros Abreham Atsebeha M 463     Accepted  Weekend
57 Tinsae Kebede Edossa F 461     Accepted  Weekend
58 Tirusew Abeje Worku F 434     Accepted  Weekend
59 Yohannes Zewdie Admasu M 430     Accepted Weekend
60 Abebe Ali Abegaz M 396     Reserve  weekend
61 Alemtsehay Desale Tefera F 389     Reserve  weekend
62 Ali Zewde Mohammed M 392     Reserve  weekend
63 Belete Anmut Asres M 385     Reserve  weekend
64 Belew Godano Shegiro M 397     Reserve  weekend
65 Bethelhem Kassaw Tegegne F 381     Reserve  weekend
66 Biruk melkamu Araya M 386     Reserve  weekend
67 Birukzer Limenh Kebede M 395     Reserve  weekend
68 Gelila Aripa Sida F 380     Reserve  weekend
69 Getachew Teshome Yimer M 375     Reserve  weekend
70 Getasew Sitot Adane M 375     Reserve  Weeked
71 Mohammed Geremew Mekonnen M 390     Reserve  Weeked
72 Redeat Gebreyesus Gaga F 397     Reserve  Weeked
73 Tajebew Lewutie Moges M 379     Reserve  weekend
74 Tsegay Gebru Arefayne M 377     Reserve  Weeked
75 Zinash Tekle Zerga F 398     Reserve  weekend