Dear esteemed readers ,

Kotebe Metropolitan University has for years been known for its commitment for quality - our clients’ testament.  Since we grow to a full-scale university our motto is to bring sustainable urban development targeting the situation of Addis Ababa City Administration.  We strive to train students who are equipped fully with the qualifications, the ability and the character to contribute to the society. 

To that end, we offer education which enables students to support theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The environment at Kotebe Metropolitan University is highly student centered. The university management has open door policies and is excited to advice and support students in the pursuit of their interests. Our academic staffs are fully committed to produce an outstanding teaching learning process to help students meet their goals. The teaching learning process emphasizes on the ability to analyze and solve problems and the development of respect and understanding for different cultures.

With four faculties, two colleges and one academy, at present KMU has five campuses where we run programs ranging from diploma to masters in various modalities of evening and weekend.

As a young university, we appreciate to work in collaboration with our esteemed alumni and local and international sister universities.


Demoz Admasu(BA, MA, PhD).

Vice President for Academic Affairs