The University Library and Academic Documentation Services Directorate became operational in a small room that had been in use when the present location was a high school. The school was later turned into a teacher training institute. After the overthrow of the imperial government by a military junta, the teacher training institute which occupied the present location of the University was moved to Hawassa letting the then Addis Ababa Teacher Training College (TTC),the now Kotebe Metropolitan University, to move in from the premises of Addis Ababa Technical School. The teacher training Institute’s library became the College’s library.
Due to the expansion of the teacher training programs as part of the preparation for launching degree programs, the library space was expanded by constructing additional rooms on the adjacent free spaces to the north and east of the library. Two nearby lecture rooms were also incorporated as part of the existing library.
Following the handing over of the Teacher Education College (the former Teacher Training College, TTC) to the Addis Ababa City Government, the City Government presented a request to the College to begin training of would-be teachers at certificate level for the lower primary grades. As part of the deal, the second library, which we now call the New Library (Main Library) was constructed.
The Old Library now gives service to social science and language students while the New Library (Main Library) is dedicated to the natural and computational sciences students.The Main Library also houses different offices such as the technical processing unit, documentation unit, director’s and coordinator’s offices, and book loan unit.
Both the Old and Main libraries have circulation space, stack, reading and IT space. The old library, due to lack of space, does not contain a reference space. Both libraries provide service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Library space is made available for blind students in the Old Library: one small IT room and another braille room.
The University’s single book store is managed by the LADSD. It is located adjacent to the Old Library on the eastern side.

Seat Capacity, Collection and other Resources

  Main Library Old Library Remark
Seat Capacity 480 480  
  • Books including References
More than 17131 More than 14606  
  • Journals
  • Documents

6561  (4731 titles)

Computers with Internet Connection 36 21  
Computers for eBooks & Internet access 12    
Computers for use by blind students   14  


     Being cognizant of the University’s vision, mission and the diverse requirements of units and individuals of the University College, the Library and Academic Documentation Service Directorate strives to provide high quality information services and resources to support students and faculty in all academic, research and community service activities of the University.


1. To develop collections of materials that support, enrich and satisfy the curricula and research needs of the University community through purchase, donation, subscription and interlibrary loan.

2. To encourage use of the library and its facilities by faculty, students and the community.

3. To manage and care for the available information resources.

4. To provide timely access to information services and resources to meet information needs of users. One can search the catalogue to access books and journals and also ejournals and etexts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.



S.No. Position/Job Title Number Remark
1 Director 1 An Academic Staff
2 Coordinator 1  
3 Documentation Professional 1  
4 Periodical Professional 1  
5 IT Professional 2  
6 Shift Coordinator 7  
7 Binding 1  
8 Circulation & Reference 28  
9 Attendant 22  
  TOTAL 64  



  • Name of the Director: Semeneh Belay (Asst Prof.)
  • Phone: 0911464563
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Office Location: Main Library Office No. 5
  • Building No. or Name: