The ICT development directorate, which is directly accountable to the university’s president, is managing the overall ICT infrastructure, services and systems within the University. It manages the data network infrastructures, central service provisions such as web, internet, DNS, DHCP, mail, e-learning, security, bandwidth optimization and business automations. The directorate also provides troubleshooting, maintaining, supporting services to streamline the University’s operational business processes.

The five years strategic plan of Kotebe Metropolitan University (KMU) emphasizes that the future business activities (both academic and administrative) of the university are highly dependent on the effective utilization of ICT infrastructures and services. The ICT development directorate of KMU is therefore striving hard to implement this goal by setting the following mission, vision and core values:

To develop ICT infrastructure and provide quality services and solutions whereby the learning and teaching, research, and administrative activities of KMU are carried out by efficient and effective utilization of resources.

Make Kotebe Metropolitan University a high-tech university, which integrates ICT in all aspects of its business activities

Core Values

We members of the ICT development directorate

  • commit ourselves to working as a team
  • embrace excellence, efficiency and effectiveness
  • endeavor to carry out our duties with commitment, dedication and professionalism
  • maintain a sense of self respect, discipline, responsibility and institutional loyalty

Organizational Structure of the directorate

Information and Communication Technology Development Directorate reports to the Office of the President as it is responsible for the provision of ICT infrastructure, services, and systems for the four operational domains of KMU: Learning- teaching, research and innovation, community engagements and good governance. Though it is not functional due to the current manpower shortage, the directorate’s structure embodies the following five operational units:

  • ICT Infrastructure and Services Unit
  • Business Applications Development and Administration Unit
  • Teaching-Learning Technologies Unit
  • ICT Support and Maintenance Unit
  • ICT Training and Consultancy Services Unit

Contact Us

ICT Development Director Office
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