The Office of the Director for Post Graduate Programs


The mission of the postgraduate programs directorate is to make Kotebe Metropolitan University a recognized research school by producing competent professionals in various specializations at the postgraduate levels and producing competent master’s and PhD graduates in diverse field of studies through equipping them with up-to-date theories in a respective field of help Addis Ababa city administration. The directorate is committed to facilitate a graduate community who can respond to the needs of the industry and serve the nation.

Vision: to be among the leading African Metropolitan Postgraduate education offering and research Universities with international reputation by 2025 and to serve as a center of academic excellence by providing integrated training, research and service, and therefore, become a leader in addressing the industrial needs and promoting a holistic and sustainable development in the country.



To realize its mission, the goal of the postgraduate programs directorate is to educate various professionals in different disciplines who can:

·         identify, analyze and intervene on industries’ problems

·         undertake basic and applied research pertinent to the recognition, characterization and resolution of societal problems

·         contribute to societal development through improved practice of profession in their respective field


§  creation of academic freedom and democratic environment

§  execution of expected duties and responsibilities

§  Good governance and impartiality

§  Maintaining morals and ethics of citizens

§  Working with team spirit

§  Creation and development  of new ideas

§  Harmonization with nature and keeping it safe for life


Motto: ‘Committed to Sustainable Urban Development’


Contact Name Mergia Balcha PhD

Tel: 0949026077

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