The educational Equity, gender affairs, HIV/AIDS prevention and control and disability support Directorate in its current status was officially established on September 2014.It was established following the promotion of the then  Kotebe College of Teacher Education  to Kotebe University College. The directorate is responsible for sensitizing gender equality among the university community, capacity building, modeling and reinforcement activities; HIV/AIDS mainstreaming; organizing outreach events, and strengthening clinical activities and enrich the academic performance and social adjustment of Students with disability.The directorate is accountable to the office of the president.



The  mission of Educational Equity, gender affairs, HIV/AIDS prevention   and control and   disability support Directorate is to lead the University towards an institution where both gender is fairly represented and  the issue of HIV/AIDS mainstreamed in every of its activity  and  learning opportunities provided equally for Persons with Disability.



 The objectives of the Directorate are

  • To sensitize  gender equality among the University community
  • To promote and sustain Educational Equity and Equality
  • To build Confidence among Students with disability
  • To promote disability right
  • To support students with disability educational materials
  • To Curb the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • To promote community service based on the need of the community
  • To undertake problem solving research



NO Position/Job title Number Remark
1. HIV/AIDS prevention and control Expert 1  



Mignot Getachew

Education Equity, Gender affairs, HIV/AIDS prevention & control & Disability Support   Directorate Director


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Administration building Room B-12