1. Overview of the Department

Studies reveal that Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs have changed the life of the American people. Japan, Europe, India, China and other countries benefited a lot from entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. From these countries economic and social development, we can understand that it is useful and helpful to change Ethiopia’s social and economic development. Of course, Entrepreneurship is a new concept for Ethiopian literature and curriculum at all levels. Currently, it is believed that entrepreneurship development will secure Ethiopia’s sustainable growth, prosperity and good governance.

If Ethiopia boosts up Entrepreneurship, its economic growth will be sustainable and good governance will be inevitable. Visionary employees’, mangers and leaders with visionary Entrepreneurs and society will establish the new Ethiopia’s prosperous life. Besides, Entrepreneurship has changed the life of many Countries and it can also change the socio- economic and political life of the present and future Ethiopia. Having recognized its importance, the Ethiopia government introduced Entrepreneurship as a common Course in both government and private owned higher

educational institutions. However, offering the course at a common course level is not found enough to upgrade the knowledge and skill of the society. In order to speed up the transformation of the country, there is a need to breed young and professional entrepreneurs for Ethiopia socio- Economic development, political stability and good governance. The development and prosperity of Ethiopia can only be realized by creative, innovative, visionary entrepreneurs and small business managers from all Social groups of Ethiopia. Hence, training of young Ethiopians in the field of Entrepreneurship at Degree levels will speed up and create more inputs in the already existing achievements.

Entrepreneurship and Business Management Curriculum is designed at Degree program level in the Kotebe University College (KUC) to address the needs and interests of the city in particular and the country in general. The city has many problems that wanted to address through entrepreneurial activity and development of small business enterprises. The major goal of the department is to develop awareness and innovative character which is relevant for job creation and development of self-employing character.


To innovative and create many self sustainable jobs and economic prospects, to empower young, to improve sustainable economic growth for establishing self-reliance and thereby poverty alleviation, Creating jobs for youth and enabling an environment for youth to improve their socioeconomic position.


General Objectives of the program

Through its programs the department has the objectives of producing:

  • Professionals who have developed entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for enterprise development
  • Professionals who are creative and innovative in running small businesses and micro-finance institutions.
  • Professionals who are capable of planning, organizing, directing and controlling activities of private, non-government and government organizations.
Specific Objectives of the program

More specifically, the objectives are stated as follows

  • Equip students with entrepreneurial concepts
  • Equip students with development of local and international markets
  • Provide students with the sound understanding of the concepts, techniques and applications of production and operation management.
  • Enable students to plan and organize activities in business organizations.
  • Develop leadership skills in directing and controlling business organizations
  • Make students effective in doing market research and financial operations.
  • Enable students to manage material and information resources effectively and efficiently

Equip students with the skill of working in team spirit


Certificate Diploma Undergraduate Degree Masters Program
No No Yes no



No Name Educational Background Academic Rank



Phone no. Research interest Publications
1 Gebreamlak Yitbarek MSc in Accounting and Finance Lecturer  



+251910348327 financial management,  Taxation, investment, finance and  auditing


  Private Audit Firms in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities

International Journal Research In Computer Application And Management,  Volume No. 5 (2015), issue no. 11 (November) ISSN 2231-1009

2 ShewaYirga Assalf MBA Lecturer 



+251912 01 00 28 Reform Tools, Job Satisfaction ,Turn over and Motivation ,Entrepreneurship issue, organizational Behavior and Human resource Issue

1.Dr B.V Prasada Rao (Ass.pro), Shewayirga Assalf (MBA),Wako Geda Obse (Lecturer),Job Satisfaction and its influence on their performance: National Bank of Ethiopia as a cause study,International Journal of Academic Research,2014,V 1, p 1-14

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4.Shewayirga Assalf ,Books ,Job Satisfaction and its influence on the  performance Employees: National Bank of Ethiopia as a cause study LAMBERT Academic Publishin, 2014 ,p 65

3   Agricultural Economics Assistance professor  



+251 911436809 Good Governance, Democracy, Federalism, Macro economics, micro economics, Econometrics, production economics, development Economics, economic policy  livelihoods etc 

Export performance of oil seeds and its determinants in Ethiopia, American journal of economics, Volume 1 (1) (2011). Page 1-14, DOI:10.5923/j.economics.20110101.01

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DOI:10.5897/AJAR10.016, ISSN 1991-637x © 2011 Acadamic Journals


4 Assefa Garbi MBA in Investment and Finance Assistance professor  



+251946659237 Entrepreneurship and innovation; leadership and change management; strategic management; human resource; finance

1.  Assefa Garbi and Megbaru Misikir. 2015.  The Effect Of Corporate Governance Mechanisms On Commercial Banks Financial Performance In Ethiopia ; In The Abhinav International Monthly Refereed Journal Of Research, In  Management & Technology With  Issn 2320-0073, Volume: Iii Issue: Xi 

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3. Assefa Garbi and Megbaru Misikir. 2015. The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Poverty

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4. Assefa Garbi and Megbaru Misikir. 2015.  “How Does Inward FDI Affect A Host Country’s Export

Performance?  The Case Of Ethiopia” Has Been Published In Radix International Journal Of Research In Social Science (Sjif - Scientific Journal: 4.22, Vol.4, Issue 3).

5 Yenesew Ferede  MBA Lecturer 




Entrepreneurship, human resource, leadership, small and medium enterprise,

Marketing and financial management

In process: the impact of corporate governance mechanisms on firms performance
6 Wendie Birhan MBA Lecturer 



+251911550998 Entrepreneurship, human resource, management consultancy, business ethics an d leadership, small and medium enterprise

Wondie Birhan, 2016

The challenges of management consultancy profession in Ethiopia (the case of Addis Ababa). Imperial journal of interdisciplinary research. ISSN 2454-1362 Vol- 2 issue -10,2016



    1. Name of the Department Head: Gebreamlak Yitbarek
    2. Phone: +2519 10 34 83 27
    3. g-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Location: Urban development studies institute building