Overview of the Department

Firstly, Management is a crucial element in economic growth of a country. It brings together the factors of production: money, machinery, men, methods, markets and material to enable the country to experience economic development. A country with enough capital, manpower and other natural resources can still be poor if it does not have competent managers to combine and coordinate the resources. In the words of Drucker; “without management country’s resources of production remain resources and never become products”. Management is important for learners because of many reasons. Of which these are some:

? Our society depends on specialize institutions or organizations to provide us with goods and services.

? Organizations are guided by managers who allocate resources and have responsibility and authority to manufacture safe, to declare war or peace, to build cities, to keep the environment clean and so on.

Second, Managers create jobs on one hand and products and services on the other hand.

Additionally,the program is aimed at producing graduates that can have adequate knowledge, skills and attitude towards application of management concepts.

Lastly, the management program should enable the graduate to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical know-how pertinent to management profession so that will be competent nationally and internationally. It should transfer employability skill in an ethical manner that can be mirrored through the cognitive ability, interpersonal skill, numeric skill and research working skill of the graduate.


The Department of Management has a mission of providing short term and long term training, conducting research and rendering community services in the fields of business related issues.


Bachelor in Management is a three-year program that teaches the principles of business and how to apply analytics, critical thinking and problem-solving techniques to real world issues. Students build a broad understanding of core business disciplines, how they impact on each other and combine with fundamentals from economics, law and accounting. We prepare students to become leaders in the creation and management of successful businesses, big or small, in Ethiopia. Our graduates go on to occupy managerial positions in marketing, finance, strategy, human resources or as entrepreneurs. The academic curriculum reflects the latest knowledge being used in business today and incorporates the use of innovative, interactive teaching tools & methods.


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The program prepares students to become professional managers capable of executing Human Resources Management, Information System Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Materials Management and Financial Management and other managerial functional areas.


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1 Desalegn Urgessa MBA Lecturer





Organizational Behaviour and Marketing

-“Challenges and Prospects of Implementing Change Management Tools: Kaizen (The Case of Wonji and Kadisco Chemical Industries)” in “International Research Journal of    Science & IT Management”. Authors: Desalegn Urgessa Yadeta and Zerihun Abera Gudissa.

ISSN:  2251-1563.

-“Business Failure in Small and Micro Enterprises in Gedeo Zone, Dilla City: The Cause and Consequences” in “Asia Pacific Journal of Research”. Authors:Desalegn Urgessa Yadeta and Dr.Venkateshwar Rao Rokandla

                                 ISBN:  978-93-85000-55-3.

-Dr.Arun Korath and Desalegn Urgessa(2016), “Astudy of customers perception of youth towards branded fashion apparels in Dilla Town,Ethiopia”In international journal of engineering and applied science(IJSEAS)-Volume-2,issue-4,April 2016.

ISSN: 2395-3470

2 Dawit T/Tsadik MBA Lecturer   +251-913-46-79-68 Entrepreneurship and marketing  


Name of the Department Head:Desalegn Urgessa Yadeta


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