Overview of the Faculty of Business and Economics

Business and Economics Faculty is one of the new and recent emerging faculties of Kotebe Metropolitan University.  It is established in January 2008 E.C. The Undergraduate programs of faculty of business and economics offers seven Bachelors degrees that are everything. They introduce students to the challenging and multi-faceted world of business and economics. Faculty of business and economics  students acquire an impressive combination of quantitative, analytical and leadership skills through rigorous study and real-world, applied-learning opportunities.Currently Business and Economics Faculty started its academic activity.  The students has been recruited and enrolled in seven fields of studies naming, Public Management,Development Management,Public Financial Management,urban land adminstration,Management, Accounting and Finance, and Economics. 


The faculty has a mission of providing short term and long term training, conducting research and rendering community services in the fields of business and economics related issues.

  1. Objectives
  •  To attract and retain the most skilled teachers. We encourage them to be innovative, varied and rigorous in the ways they engage with and instruct students.
  •  To attract the very best students that we have been able to achieve the Number One spot for Business and Economics Faculty. Regardless of social background, family income, religion or sex, the faculty has consistently opened its doors to the brightest and the best. Diversity and excellence are indeed a hugely powerful combination.
  •  To develop new generations of well-rounded, creative, rigorous and ethical leaders, whether in business, government or academia. We believe in the power of the human imagination, of bright ideas and difficult questions, of debate and solutions. We see things differently and we continue to break new ground through academic theory and cutting-edge application.


We  would like todedicate to cooperation with the business world is an integral part of our success as an educational institution bent on excellence and a global vision. We are proud to partner with leading businesses and institutions from Addis Ababa, whether small, medium-sized or large, on a variety of joint activities. These range from cooperation on student consultancy projects, to the provision of internships, networking opportunities, joint R&D efforts, and grants, sponsorships and academic scholarships. In our view, university-industry collaboration is a must in a modern, forward-looking society.

Faculty of Business and Economics would like to play an active role in society. Responsible interaction with the surrounding world is a task that we take very seriously. This would includes providing information about statistical and/or economic results and trends, leading public seminars and workshops, taking part in public debates, carrying out professional training to micro and small enterprises, and a lot more. We will place great emphasis on sustainable development and collaborating with the rest of society in this field is essential. We firmly believe that it is crucial to contribute to the advancement of society.

It is only through collaboration with the public and private actors that surround our faculty community that knowledge will be put to practical use.

Contact Present of the Facility 


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Dr Mesfin Bantayehu

      Faculty Dean

Ph.D Assistance professor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Leader ship Development

Authors of two books on leadership and quality service provision.

. Educational, health service

. Transport service e.t.c

Submitted to A.A to master planning project office for purpose.