The College of Education and Behavioral Studies is a pioneer in producing professionally qualified teachers of primary and secondary schools fort the country for the last fifty years. The college runs programs in regular, extension and summer. Currently, the College consists of three departments, viz. Education, Special Needs Education, and Pre-school Education. The Education department includes three fields of studies, namely: Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction, and Educational Planning and Management, which will function independently in the near future. Besides, Practicum Coordinating Office, First Year Diploma Program Coordinating Office and Higher Diploma Program Unit are under College of Education and Behavioral Studies. Now, the college with adequate professional profile of the academic staff has expanded its programs. It has launched degree program in School Psychology and Master’s program in School Leadership, besides the diploma program in teaching, Special Needs Education and School Leadership.

In the Primary Teacher Education Program, the training is offered in 10 fields of study which are classified in three categories. The first category includes Generalist and English, graduates who are supposed to teach Mathematics and Environmental Sciences and English respectively in Grades 1 - 4, i.e., First Cycle Primary School. The second category includes Integrated Natural Sciences, Civics and Ethical Education, Mathematics and Social Studies, of which graduates are supposed to teach in Grades 5-6 i.e., Lower Grades of Second Cycle Primary School. In the third category, the field of studies are Music, Arts and Physical Education which are studied in the major and minor areas. Those who major Arts can make their minor area of study either Music or Physical Education or Amharic or English. The same thing applies for both Music and Physical Education. Amharic (Mother tongue) is studied without having minor area of study. Graduates of the third category are supposed to teach in the Primary Schools (Grade1-8)

      In the Pre-primary Teacher Education Program, training is offered in one year certificate program and three year diploma program for the would be teachers in preschool.


The mission of College of Education and Behavioral Studies is to produce professionally qualified teachers, school psychologists and school leaders to the Addis Ababa City Government and Regional States.


The objectives of the college are to:

  • Offer quality education in the fields of teacher education, special need education, preschool education, school psychology, and school leadership.
  • Produce well versatile and professionally qualified would be teachers in pre-primary and primary schools.
  • Produce competent school psychologists who can contribute a lot in solving problems encountered in teaching methodology, lesson planning, classroom assessment, student behaviors, etc.
  • Produce well qualified school leaders who can properly manage and administer secondary schools.
  • Provide “add-on’’ trainings for one year to students with Bachelor degree to be secondary school teachers professionally. 
  • Provide short term trainings to in service pre-primary and primary school teachers on lesson planning, active learning methods, classroom management, classroom assessment, instructional media, action research, child psychology, play, inclusive education, etc.
  • Conduct basic and applied researches in the field of curriculum studies, school leadership and management, special need education and psychology.
  • Provide Higher Diploma Program for academic staff,


 The College has:- 

  • Pedagogical Center where Teachers and Students Prepare Teaching Aids
  • Resource Center for Students and Trainees with Special Needs
  • Material Production and Display Rooms of Preschool Education
  • Special Needs Education Laboratory


 College of Education and Behavioral Studies has partnership with:

  • Ministry of Education
  • Addis Ababa City  Administration Education Bureau
  • Save the Children International Ethiopia
  • UNESCO-HNA Project 



Name of the College Dean: Yoseph Shumi

  • Phone: 0911175860
  • E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Office Location: CEBS building No 2


 Name of the Associate  Dean: Daniel Zewdie

  • Phone: 0911175857
  • E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Office Location: CEBS building No 11